I want to be part of the event, but I don't want to design/build and can't be a sponsor.

That's awesome! We are always looking for volunteers and new Pack Members. Anyone is welcomed to join our Pack Meetings. Please check our schedule for upcoming meetings and events. If you want to volunteer at any of our events (including the big one), just shoot us an email at barkitectureclt@gmail.com

I have a team that's interested in building a house for the competition. What are the restrictions?

We have an official letter for design teams that will be available very shortly. There are a few design guidelines and themes in order to submit. As far as team size, there are no restrictions and you do not have to be part of a corporation to join. All teams have $250 limit on purchasing materials, but donated materials do not count towards the dollar limit. All design teams will have a sponsor to fund your $250 build.

I want to be a vendor at the event, but I can't be a sponsor.

Not a problem! Vendor booths are $125. Please make checks payable to BarkitectureCLT. Since we are a nonprofit, your vendor booth fee will count as a donation towards our event and are tax deductible.

Are kids and dogs allowed at the event?

Absolutely! NoDa Brewing Company and BarkitectureCLT is family friendly. All dogs at the event are only allowed in the outdoor areas and must be leashed. Dogs must also be up to date on all shots and spayed/neutered.

I want a custom pet house for my animal. Can I pay you to make one just for me?

Sadly, we do not offer this service.