Our Pack here in Charlotte, NC

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Stephanie has always surrounded herself with animals, even as a child, as she rescued her first dog at the young age of five. Now, in the company of the Tiny Dog Mafia, two cats and a roster of fosters, Steph combines her passions for design and rescue with BarkitectureCLT to help give forgotten animals a voice.

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Tini happened to sit next to Steph in a grant info session and decided to team up after both expressing the desire to create an event that catered to animals. Tini has always loved animals and is thrilled that BarkitectureCLT is branching out to benefit more than just dogs.

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Raised around everything from horses to hamsters, Josh has always had an appreciation for the positivity animals bring into our lives. He officially joined BarkitectureCLT in 2018 when the organization was formally founded as a 501(c)3 non-profit. Presently, he handles most of BarkitectureCLT’s marketing efforts, and assists Steph and Tini with planning and leadership.