About Us

Stephanie Lewis

Stephanie has a true passion in life and that is saving animals. At the young age of 5 years old Stephanie managed to find the mutt in a group of AKC registrations and bloodline paperwork to get her first dog Lacey. Growing up there was no shortage of animals on the street after taking in a few strays her fate was sealed, Stephanie is a rescuer. After following her love for architecture through UNCC and eventually to LITTLE. Stephanie was in a constant search for how to combine her passions and thus BARKitecture Charlotte was born. After looking at many examples in other city’s Stephanie knew this was an event Charlotte desperately needed. LITTLE and the Lace Up intuitive made this possible, now lets see whatcha got Charlotte?

“Teaming up with Tini is a perfect match. Our passions for all things design and our love of saving animals is what makes this possible. Thank you so much LITTLE for seeing the potential here and backing us as we create the best dog event in Charlotte.”


Tini Duong

As a child in Vietnam, Tini was always around dogs because her grandma took great care of them. However at the age of 3, she and her parents immigrated over to Virginia and could no longer afford the time or expense of owning a pet. She told herself that one day it would change and after much thought and consideration, she adopted her first dog in September of 2016.

“After learning about the Lace-Up program at LITTLE, I knew I wanted to do something that involved dogs. It was by chance that Stephanie and I sat next to each other in the same kick-off meeting and shared our ideas. I’m very delighted that our proposal gained approval.”


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