Meet the Rescues

Meet Our Rescues this Saturday at Dog Bar! Join us at Dog Bar in NoDa from 2pm-5pm to meet this year’s benefiting rescue groups. Like free beer? Provide a $5 donation and your first beer is on us! American Pit Bull Foundation, Carolina Great Pyrenees Rescue and Harvey’s Heroes will be there to meet you!

BarkitectureCLT is a 501(c)(3)!

Hey guys, we have super exciting news, BarkitectureCLT is now a registered non profit! With the new status of a 501(c)(3) corporation all donations made to us are now tax deductible. So watch out Charlotte because here we come with a mission to save homeless pets in the area!

Thank You Charlotte! Lets Do It Again!

When Tini and Stephanie embarked on this journey we didn’t know if we could pull this off, what to expect or what to do if something didn’t work out. We learned so much last year as we planned, fund raised, hosted events, and organized BarkitectureCLT 2017. We had a blast and most importantly we raised over 3,000 dollars that we donated to the 5 area rescues: American Pit Bull Foundation, Carolina Poodle Rescue, Greater Charlotte SPCA, Great Dane Dane Friends of Ruff Love and Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue. And instead of being exhausted and fed up with all this work we were completely fueled up to keep going (after a drink and a nap of course). We can make it better, bigger and make a bigger impact on saving more dogs in the Charlotte Area.

So… Charlotte, are you ready to do it again?

This year, the big thing we learned is: WE NEED YOU! We as 2 people, can only do so much. We want all of you to let us know what you think, What did you like? What didn’t you like? What could we do better? How can we make more money for our rescues? If you have answers to any of these questions please join us at NoDa Brewery on Thursday March 1st for our first planning/committee meeting for BarkitectureCLT 2018. Bigger. Better. Barkier.

Calling All Design Teams *UPDATE*

The time is now! Get your friends, co-workers, family or resident artists together..we need you as a designer. The rules are very few. It must cost under $250 to design and build. That’s all. the size, the materiality, and the design is completely up to you!

We will be getting together corporate sponsors for those of you who don’t have a company to back you financially, we will find you one! see so now you have no excuse. Go forth and make something great.

Design ideas are due **August 15th** (yes the deadline has been extended, but it will not be extended again so make sure to get those designs in!) so that we have an idea of how many houses to plan for, stay tuned for the materials mixer, more information to come.